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Club Member Connect Platform Features

Member Community
Member Community: Connect with other members and view their individual profiles and friend lists
Community Lists and Groups
Friend Lists and Groups: Build social networks of existing connections and forge new ones
Community Chat Groups
Community Chat Groups: Create conversations and interactions within sub-groups in the community
Community Forums
Forums: Foster member interaction via threaded discussions, giving users the option to review and respond
Community Article Commenting
Article Commenting: Invite people to post and view comments related to your featured articles
Community Email Management System
Message Management System: Send messages to other members' community inboxes or external email providers
Community Content Management
Complete Content Management: Easily update your content, manage members and view reporting metrics
Member Community
Video Library and Documents: Share, edit and store documents and multimedia of all types in one central location
Community Polls
Polls: Pose key multiple choice questions and allow members to vote and view results
Online Community Interactive Calendar
Interactive Calendar: Manage shared calendars and event promotion. Use advanced RSVP and event registration
Online Community Blogs
Blogs: Empower members to self-publish articles, and allow others to post comments
Online Community News and RSS
News and RSS: Promote discussions and
interaction through select websites and through member subscriptions
Online Community ECommerce
eCommerce and Financial: Sell products and create new revenue streams within your company
Online Community Ratings and Reviews
Ratings and Reviews: Allow members to become critics by rating and reviewing content, products or services

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