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How Club Member Connect Helps You

Club Member Connect allows each person participating a private club environment to communicate and interact in a new and dynamic way. The end result is happier members and staff, improved efficiency, and more revenue for your Club.

Learn about the benefits for everyone involved in your club. See the information below to learn how Club Member Connect enhances individual experiences and contact us for a personalized product demonstration to see how you too can benefit from a Club Member Connect platform at your private club.


Increase Relationships

Do you know that 60% of members join clubs for social reasons? What is your club doing to connect new members, build relationships and enhance communication?

Club Member Connect is designed to allow club members to meet, network and communicate even if they are not currently at your club. Interactive features provide an easy way for your club to connect members over like interests, in all creating new relationships and meaningful connections.

Increase Participation

Actively participating members visit their club more frequently and in turn drive additional revenue. Is your club actively trying to increase participation from each member?

Club Member Connect features work together to increase member participation at your club. Your members will be more informed about upcoming events, tournaments and social gatherings, and have the opportunity to schedule more outings with fellow members with ease, in all adding to the amount of time spent at your club.

Increase Memberships

Member growth and retention is one of the cornerstones of a successful club. Is your club receiving new member referrals and are you retaining your current members?

Happier members lead to more referrals and less turnover. Providing your members with a communication vehicle that taps into their technology-driven daily lives shows you care about their needs and makes their lives easier. The features within Club Member Connect help you enhance their experience, keeping members happy and engaged.


Increase Revenue

New revenue generation is an indispensable need in order for a club to survive in today’s market. What are you doing to create new revenue streams into your club?

Club Member Connect has a direct correlation with increases in club revenue. In all, the features within Club Member Connect help to create happier members that spend more time at their club, resulting in increased food and beverage sales, event participation, and member retention - a more successful club all around.

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